Esport, nutrition and spirulina

Franck Lépinay producer
of peasant spirulina.
“Passionate about nutrition, I will
present to you the nutritional value
of spirulina in the field of esport.”

Rainbow spirulina and the esportnutrition site are partners of the VIRTUAL BEST RACING team . This team specializing in automotive simulation based in Alès won, among other things, the 3rd World Team place in the WRC7 competition in 2019 and WRC8 2020
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the high level

The rise of electronic sports began in the late 1980s with the first multiplayer network games. The world's best e-sport players meet at international tournaments. The pro-gamer is a person who is likened to a professional player or a high level athlete.


There are several schools in France for the training of these champions. In international competitions every detail counts. This is why pro-gamers practice bodybuilding, yoga, meditation exercises.


In this very competitive context, it is only logical that nutrition is now part of the daily life of these great players.


No more fast food and overly industrial food, in order to stay at their best level, like all other athletes, the new generation of esports 2.0 must adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

a natural food

Among the foods which meet with real success in the field of competition there is spirulina.

Nutritional interest

Spirulina flakes are among the most complete foods in the world . It is widely used in endurance sports like athletics, cycling or swimming. In addition to improving tone and vitality, let's discover the nutritional benefits of this natural food in the field of esport.

For the view

Spirulina contains 30 times more beta caroten than in carrots .
Vitamin A or beta-carotene is recognized for its important role in vision.

For mental performance

Spirulina contains 8 times more vitamin B1 than in the liver .
Vitamin B1 is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and the entire nervous system.

For recovery and sleep

Spirulina contains 20 times more IRON than in spinach .
Iron is a constituent of hemoglobin inside red blood cells, which is used to supply different organs with oxygen.

To fill any gaps

Spirulina in flakes contains many vitamins and minerals: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese ...

Easy to use

Spirulina in flakes is consumed as is, sprinkled on your pasta dishes, rice, in yogurts, breakfast cereals, in fruit juices ... A teaspoon per day is the recommended intake per person .

Rainbow Spirulina Farm

Our peasant farm has been producing spirulina flakes since 2013 with the greatest respect for the product and the environment. We package our spirulina in pretty 100g jars corresponding to the consumption of one person for 1 month.

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